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The Buddyclub Racing Spec Headers are the same specification as the exhaust manifold on BUDDY CLUB #91 DC5 , using the same design, material, quality and performance. Their #91 DC5 currently competes in the ATCS Super2000 division - it is the quickest DC5 in the competition and has won numerous trophies.Buddy Club Pro Spec Exhaust Systems offer additional exhaust efficiency output and produces a fierce tone that makes this exhaust system one of the number one choice among motor sports enthusiasts. Check them out! Direct bolt on kits in a number of different SPECs ranging from track use only to street legal. Be noticed for all the right reasons.

ENGINE P1 Racing

Buddy club engine parts are designed and built using the most care and highest quality material possible . Buddy club's reliability is world famous and chosen by many tuners both locally and internationally. Whether it be CAMS , VALVES, RETAINERS or SPRINGS we have what you need .


Buddy club has your car's electronics needs covered with universal items including our Racing Spec Condenser or Racing Spec battery and more specialized items such as our famous V-CON Vtec controller and industry first security turbo timer. Stayed tuned for new electronic components from Buddy club this coming year


Buddyclub Gauges


Buddy club RACING SPEC SHIFTERS and accessories are a great way to start off on the road of performance car modification. Reduce shifter throw or just start with having a nicer feeling shift knob in your hands while battling the Auckland rush-hour traffic , Buddy club has what you need.


Buddyclub RACING SPEC SERIES engine accessories are always a good option if you are just starting out with modifying your car. Dress up your engine bay with a radiator cap and an oil cap and watch your performance modifying addiction grow.